How to Clean Window Tracks [The Simple Hack that Works Every Time]

Dirty window tracks driving you crazy? Here’s a super helpful hack that helps you clean your window tracks like a pro.

You have a houseful of people and it’s really starting to get warm inside. You’d like to open a couple of windows and let some cool air in, but you’re embarrassed at how dirty the window tracks are. You don’t know how it all gets there, but it’s one nasty, buggy graveyard.

You’ve tried the baking soda, vinegar, and toothbrush system, but you never seem to get all the baking soda or gunk out of the window track. You’ve tried wrapping a rag around a butter knife, but it never quite gets into all the crevices.

Everything you try ends in frustration and you feel like it’s a lot of wasted time for a less than desirable result.

Before you go calling a cleaning service or decide to just keep all the windows closed, try this simple process to get your window tracks sparkling clean.

Depending on how large and dirty your windows are, this process should only take about five minutes per window. Once you see how well it works, you can add it to your deep cleaning schedule and avoid the embarrassment next time.

Gather Your Supplies

First things first. Gather all of the necessary supplies listed below.

Window Track Cleaning Supplies

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Add a couple of inches of hot water and cleaning solution to the bucket. Set the bucket and rest of the cleaning supplies next to your first window.

Remove Loose Dirt From Window Tracks

Starting with the window closed, use the paintbrush to dust and loosen any dirt in the tracks or around the locking mechanism. Vacuum all the loose dirt with your vacuum brush attachment. While you’re there, run the brush attachment over the window glass too.

Open the window as far as it’ll go and wipe the bottom of the window with a dry microfiber cloth to loosen any dust or dirt.

Working from the sides towards the middle, use the stiff-bristled paintbrush to loosen all the dirt and dust in the side and bottom tracks. Vacuum up the loose debris with your vacuum crevice tool.

***Bonus tip – keep your debris pile in the middle of the window track to make it easier to vacuum up.

Dirty window track that can be cleaned with simple process

Scrub Window Tracks

Now that you’re done with the loose dirt, close the window.

Lightly dip the paintbrush in the cleaning mixture and tap on the side of your cleaning bucket to remove any excess moisture. You want the brush slightly damp, but not dripping.

Scrub inside the upper section of the window tracks, the open edge of the window, and the locking mechanism. Make sure to open and close the locking mechanism while cleaning so you get all the crevices.

Starting in the corners, use short quick blasts of compressed air to spray the hard to reach areas and blast all the gunk out. This works really well for those crevices around most locking mechanisms.

***Caution – holding the trigger on the compressed air for too long can cause a buildup of condensation and frost


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When that’s done, remove all the loosened grime with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Use a Magic Eraser to remove any stubborn spots or scuff marks that remain.

Open the window as far as it will go and clean the underside of the window with a damp microfiber cloth.

Scrub the sides and lower window track with the damp paintbrush. If the corners are really dirty, let a little cleaning solution sit in there for a few minutes before scrubbing. This is where the stiff bristles come in handy.

Remove all the loosened grime with a damp microfiber cloth, then use the compressed air again to get the hard to reach areas. Keep blasting then wiping until your satisfied.

Use the Magic Eraser on any stubborn spots or scuff marks, then wipe up any dirty spray with the damp microfiber cloth.

Final Touches

Grab some window cleaner and give your glass a quick cleaning.  It should already be pretty clean thanks to your weekly cleaning routine.

Now that your window tracks are sparkling clean, throw open those windows and let the fresh air in.

Have any window track cleaning tips not mentioned here, leave them in the comments below.

Cleaned window tracks using this simple process
dirty and clean window tracks
Dirty and clean window track cleaning hack

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  1. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. I always need help with these and it is one of my most hated household chores! I love that you broke it down so simply too. Thanks

    1. So happy it helped. I hate cleaning the window tracks and stills seeing dirt in the corners. This was the only way I could get it really clean.

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