10 Helpful Cleaning Articles You Should Read Right Now

Are you still trying to find time to tackle that big list of cleaning tasks you’ve been putting off? Here are 10 useful cleaning articles you should read right now.

You’re busy, I get it. You don’t have time to sift through a million articles looking for helpful cleaning tips.

The good news is that you don’t have to. I’ve compiled 10 articles on cleaning that you should read RIGHT NOW for some much-needed advice and inspiration. Trust me, these are worth your time!

Whether you’re looking for ways to deep clean your home or just want to keep things tidy with minimal effort, there’s something here for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be armed with all the knowledge you need to make your home sparkle.

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Cleaning Articles for a Sparkling Clean Home

Keeping your home clean can be exhausting, but there are a few ways to make it a bit easier.

A thorough deep cleaning provides a clean slate. A realistic weekly cleaning routine helps to maintain it all, and some good cleaning hacks make it all easier.

1. Weekly Cleaning Routine

One of the keys to a clean home is following a regular cleaning schedule that fits your lifestyle and keeps your home clean enough for you.

Some people prefer a tasks-based schedule where they complete one task throughout the entire house each day. They do all of their dusting in one day, then vacuuming another day, laundry a different day, etc.

Others prefer to clean one room or type of room per day. That means one day is the kitchen, one day the bedrooms, one day the bathrooms, etc.

I personally fall into the latter, room by room category. Task-based doesn’t work for me on a weekly basis. I feel like I’m always cleaning but never finishing anything because I’m cleaning something in every room, every day.

If you’re a room-by-room cleaner, check out this weekly cleaning routine and let me know what you’d do it differently.

2. Spring Cleaning Checklist

An essential part of keeping your home clean is a good deep cleaning on a routine basis.

I grew up helping my mom and grandma spring clean once a year. It was a full week of opening all of the windows and tearing the entire house apart to clean and disinfect every nook and cranny. When everything was clean, we would put it all back together.

That level of deep cleaning just isn’t practical for my lifestyle, nor do I think it’s necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, I spring clean, I just don’t tear my entire house apart. I do a really good deep cleaning, room by room as I have time. I usually start in March, so technically it’s spring cleaning right?

I also do a modified, not so deep, version in October right before the holiday season.

Here’s the checklist I follow for deep cleaning. See anything I missed?


weekly cleaning checklist on a tablet

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3. Deep Clean the Kitchen

The Spring Cleaning Checklist breaks each room into individual tasks you can complete as you have time.

Since it’s a ‘whole house’ list, the tasks don’t have super detailed instructions. When I feel the detailed instructions might help somebody, I break the room down into its own checklist.

This one covers the monumental task of deep cleaning the kitchen.

4. Deep Clean Fridge

Refrigerators can get pretty nasty. Most people don’t realize you should clean the coils and condition the seal.

I’ve lost count of how many people didn’t realize most refrigerators have a drip pan underneath.

This article covers how and what to clean and lays it out in a logical and efficient order for deep cleaning your refrigerator.

5. Deep Clean Oven

Another cleaning task that deserves its own article is the nasty oven. A lot of people use the vinegar and baking soda method, but that’s just too much scrubbing for me and I don’t particularly like the smell of vinegar.

I don’t like the smell of oven cleaners either, so I’ve probably tried every other oven cleaning hack you’ve ever heard of. I found this oven cleaning process to work the best for me.

6. Window Track Cleaning Hack

Have you ever opened a window when you had guests and discovered a nasty, carcass-filled bug graveyard right there in your window track?

Dirty window tracks drive me crazy, but they aren’t easy to clean. No matter how much wiping I did, I could never get the lasts bits of dirt out of the corners and crevices.

Then I tried this trick to clean my window tracks. Now they look brand new and I added this little trick to my March and October cleaning routines.

Let me know how it works for you and what you might do differently.

woman with cleaning supplies ready to deep clean the kitchen

7. Dirtiest Things You Forget to Clean

This article was inspired by a friend who was telling me how she needed to replace a fairly new vacuum because it just wasn’t cleaning her floors very well.

I’m pretty good at troubleshooting household appliances (if I do say so myself), so I asked her a few exploratory questions.

When I asked her when the last time she cleaned the vacuum was, she replied ‘what do you mean CLEAN the vacuum’? And so began the post of 13 dirtiest things you should be cleaning.

I barely scratched the surface with only 13 and I plan to update the post in the next few months. See anything I missed, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

8. Cleaning to Prevent Spread of Illness

It’s bad enough when one person in the house gets sick, but it’s downright miserable when the illness makes the rounds.

Besides washing your hands thoroughly and often and not touching your face, keeping high contact areas in your home clean and disinfected can help prevent a viral illness from spreading through your entire family.

This article covers which areas to clean and includes some extra tips for preventing the spread of contagious illnesses.

If you’re looking for cleaning tips for specific viruses, please consult the CDC or WHO.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Hacks

I like a clean house, so it’s no surprise that I love cleaning products. I’ve probably tried every product on the market at least once, but dang, that gets expensive.

During a search for some economical cleaning solutions, I realized that hydrogen peroxide was a really inexpensive option that could replace most of the cleaners I was using, and do a better job.

I compiled that information in this article on peroxide cleaning hacks.


weekly cleaning checklist on a tablet

Join thousands of VIPs for cleaning, decluttering, and organizing tips sent straight to your inbox. As a welcome gift, we’ll send you this FREE printable Weekly Cleaning Checklist that lists exactly what to deep clean in every room of your home.

10. Habits to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Once you have everything cleaned, a few new habits can make a huge difference in how clean your home stays, how often you need to clean, and how long it takes.

I listed the habits that make the most impact on keeping my home clean and tidy.

There You Have It

Well, there they are, the 10 most useful cleaning articles you need to read right now.

Whether you’re looking to start a regular cleaning routine or just deep clean a nasty appliance, I hope at least one of these articles might help in some way.

Have a tough cleaning task you need to tackle but aren’t sure where to start, let me know and I’ll see how I can help.

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