How To Make the Most of Your Bedroom Storage


Gray bedroom with dressers and shelving for extra storage

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Why Bedroom storage? Because we spend so much time in there and it can be one of the most neglected rooms in our homes.

Speaking of neglected, you should actually declutter your bedroom before looking for appropriate storage solutions. There’s no point organizing and storing stuff you don’t need or want anymore, especially when you don’t have enough room as it is.

Once you ‘ve decluttered, you can start figuring out what kind of storage solutions will work for you. The right storage solutions can help turn your bedroom into the sanctuary it should be.

Decide if you want the storage to be hidden or out in the open, and how often you’ll need access to the item. If it’s something you’ll use often, you want to be able to get to it easily.

Bedroom Storage Hacks

With those things in mind, here are those bedroom storage hacks I promised you.

1. Mount Adjustable Wall Lamps

Lighting is a big part of the bedroom ambiance, and adjustable lamps mounted to the wall free up precious space on your flat surfaces like bedside tables and dressers. They also provide task lighting that can be moved out of the way if needed. You can get the corded type that plug into an outlet, or you can call an electrician to wire them for you.

2. Hang Pendant Lights

If you don’t want lamps on the wall, you can hang these pendant lamps from the ceiling to free up all of the flat surfaces below and still provide ample lighting. This one probably requires that electrician.

storage hack hanging pendant lights from the ceiling to free up storage space on the bedroom nightstand

3. Get an Over the Door Purse Hanger

One of the most frequently missed bedroom storage hacks is using the back of a door. Hang a purse rack over the bedroom or closet door to create extra storage for purses, scarves, belts, and more. If they’re all hanging on the back of the door, you should have some extra space

4. Install a Mirrored Hanging Jewelry Storage Armoire

Install a hanging jewelry armoire over the inside of the bedroom door or outside of the closet door for handy storage and the armoire door serves double duty as a mirror.

5. Get an Over the Door Cap Rack

Does your husband or son collect baseball caps? This over the door cap rack will keep them organized and out of the way – if you can get him to hang the hats up.

6. Hang Your Shoes On the Door

Here’s a great way to keep your shoes from taking up valuable floor space. This shoe rack hangs over the door for out of the way shoe storage.

7. Get an Over the Door Pocket Organizer

Get a pocket organizer that hangs over the door and has several slots for all of your storage needs. Common uses are toys, toiletries, and undergarments.

8. Hide Your Laundry Hamper

Hide your dirty laundry behind the door too. A hanging hamper keeps your dirty laundry off the floor and out of sight behind the door.

9. Use an Over the Door Folding Hanger Holder

An over the door hanger holder is great for storing shirts. It extends when hanging, then folds down for compact storage.

10. Install a Clothing Rack Over the Door

An over the door clothes rack turns the back of your door into a hanging closet rod that’s great for shirts and jackets. Now that we’re done with the door, we’ll talk about the hacks that give you wall storage.

11. Hang Floating Shelves

Install floating shelves to turn empty wall space into usable space and decorative storage.

12. Install Hanging Corner Shelves

Corners are often lost storage. Install these hanging corner shelves to reclaim that space.

13. Hang Floating Shelves with Storage Drawers

Hang floating shelves with drawers to store things out of sight.

14. Install a Coat Rack Storage Shelf

Install a storage shelf with a coat rack for a double-duty solution.

15. Hang a Wall Mounted Shelf with Baskets and Hooks

Hang this triple threat wall-mounted shelf that has storage baskets and coat hooks.

16. Install Ceiling Mounted Shelves

This ceiling mounted shelf is great for adding storage above your doors.

17. Hang a Modular Pegboard Organizer System

Hang this modular pegboard organizer for a versatile organization and storage solution.

18. Store Makeup in a Caddy

Get a makeup caddy to keep your makeup contained and organized all in one place.

19. Hang a Wall Mounted Fold Out Desk

Install this wall mounted desk that folds up out of the way and into a convenient chalkboard.

20. Install a Hideaway Ironing Board

Install a hideaway ironing board so you don’t have to worry about where to put that eyesore when not in use. Now that we’re done hiding things away, we’ll move on to closet storage.


closet organizer, rolling bin,  dresser, storage crates, and pendant lighting are bedroom storage hacks for small spaces

21. Get an Extendable Hanging Closet Rod

A hanging closet rod hooks over your regular rod and doubles your hanging space.

22. Get a Hanging Closet Organizer

Try a hanging closet organizer to maximize your closet space. It slips right over your existing rod to create extra storage cubbies.

23. Hang Your Camisoles On One Hanger

Save space and hang several camisoles, belts, or scarves in your closet on a handy little storage hanger.

24. Get Pants Hangers

Get some pants hangers that hold 5 pairs of pants and only take up the space of one hanger.

25. Keep Your Workout Clothes Together

Hang several tank tops and pairs of leggings on an organizing hanger that keeps them all together and compact on just one hanger.

26. Get Space Saving Clothes Hangers

Get some space saver clothes hangers that hold up to ten hangers at one time.

27. Install a Motorized Tie Rack

A motorized tie rack holds several ties in a small space and rotates for easy retrieval.

28. Use Space Saver Shoe Racks in the Closet

Get a shoe rack that holds both shoes in the slot for just one without stacking and scuffing your shoes.

29. Use Stackable Closet Shelves

Use stackable storage shelves that help maximize your shelf space by adding extra tiers.

30. Get or Build a Lazy Susan for Your Shoes

Get a lazy susan to store your shoes in a corner and still be able to see them all.

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31. Use a Spinning Shoe Tree

Another style of lazy susan for your shoes is a spinning shoe tree that holds 24 pairs of shoes.

32. Get a Customizable Shoe Tower

Portable shoe racks can be expanded, extended and arranged in whatever configuration you need to fit your storage needs.

33. Use an Adjustable Shoe Tower

Use an adjustable shoe tower to maximize your shoe storage.

34. Install an Adjustable Closet Organizing System

Install adjustable closet racks so you can maximize your space by making sure each section is perfectly sized to meet your needs. See how Sustain My Craft Habit finally gave her husband a little closet joy.

adjustable closet system storage hack and storage bins in the bedroom

35. Use a Free Standing Closet System

If you don’t have any closets, use a free-standing closet system that can be placed anywhere in your room for maximum convenience.

36. Get a Corner Shelf Unit

Put a standing shelving unit in the corner to use lost space.

37. Set Up Stackable Cube Organizers

Set up stackable cube organizers for adjustable and expandable storage. Now let’s tackle my hacks for storing toys in the bedroom.

38. Hang a Toy Storage Chain

Toy storage chains are great for hanging stuffed animals, art projects, and baseball caps out of the way.

39. Store Toys in a Corner Hammock

Install a toy hammock in the corner to corral stuffed animals and action figures.

40. Use Toy Storage Bins

Toy storage bins are great for small toys. Each type of toy can be assigned its own bin and stored accordingly. Great for legos, toy cars, barbies, etc.

41. Get a Toy Chest

A toy chest is great for getting toys off the floor and out of sight. It can also do double duty as a bench for extra seating.

42. Build Rolling Storage for Convenience

Build yourself a rolling storage bin that can be used for storing blankets, extra linens, or toys. Find out how from The Handyman’s Daughter.

DIY rolling storage bin hack with  blankets and pillows to increase bedroom storage

43. Get a Bench with Storage Cubbies

Make your bench do double duty and get a bench with storage basket cubbies for additional seating and storage space.

44.Use a Storage Ottoman

A nice storage ottoman does double duty by providing hidden storage space and extra seating.

45. Set Up a Portable Closet

A portable closet can provide necessary clothing storage for bedrooms with no closets.

46. Get a Storage Armoire

Get a storage armoire for much-needed clothing storage in rooms with small or no closets.

47. Use a Narrow Vertical Storage Dresser in Tight Spots

Maximize narrow spaces by buying right-sized storage. These vertical storage dressers come in several sizes including one as narrow as four inches.

48. Get an Over the Bed Table

This bed table fits over your bed and would make a great desk or table. It slides back and forth for easy storage of bedroom items and can be moved to the foot of the bed when it’s time to go to sleep.

49. Hang a Bedside Storage Caddy

This bedside storage caddy hangs off the side of the bed for easy and convenient storage of items you’d usually stack on your nightstand including books, remotes, and glasses.

50. Attach a Bedside Shelf

The bedside shelf attaches to the side of your bed and provides extra storage for small items.

51. Get a Rolling Cart for a Bedside Table

This handy rolling cart can serve double duty as a bedside table and it can be moved around as needed.

52. Use a Storage Table Next to the Bed

A lot of bedside tables are just flat surfaces. Make sure you look for something with shelves or drawers so you have some extra storage room.

53. Install Bed Risers for Extra Space

Install bed risers to increase the height of the space under your bed for extra storage.

54. Use Vacuum Bags for Extra Linens and Clothes

Use vacuum bags to compact seasonal and seldom-used linens and clothing so you can slide them under the bed or under a dresser.

55. Use a Clothing Bag to Store Clothes Under the Bed

Clothing storage that has transparent windows and slides under your bed.

56. Store Shoes Under the Bed

Use these under bed shoe storage containers with transparent zippered tops and adjustable dividers to store your shoes under the bed.

57. Put Rolling Storage Bins Under the Bed

Use rolling plastic storage bins with lids to store stuff under your bed.

58. Use Stackable Drawers to Reclaim Space

Use stackable drawers to reclaim extra space under beds and benches.

59. Get Drawers on Wheels to Hide Under the Bed

Drawers on wheels allow you to hide stuff under the bed and still have easy access.

60. Use a Rolling Cart for Under Bed Storage

A rolling cart can be packed full and rolled right under the bed for conveniently hidden storage.

61. Use a Bed Skirt to Hide Under Bed Storage

Put a bed skirt on your box spring mattress or around your bed frame to hide all of those under bed storage containers. If you don’t want to stuff everything under the bed, you’ll like these last few bedroom storage hacks, but they might get a bit expensive.

62. Get a Daybed with Drawers

Daybeds are a great option when you’re short on space or need an extra bed for company. This daybed with drawers does double duty by providing extra storage space.

63. Install a Desk Under a Loft Bed

Loft beds offer a lot of storage underneath but this loft bed with desk is more than storage. It includes a desk workspace tucked underneath the bed.

64. Get a Loft Storage Bed

Get a loft bed to maximize storage with extra bookshelves and storage cubbies.

65. Use a Liftable Platform Bed

If you’re really limited on space or want hidden storage, this platform bed lifts up to reveal all of the hidden space underneath.

66. Get a Panel Bed with Storage Drawers

Get a panel bed with storage drawers underneath for hidden storage.

67. Install a Bookcase/Dresser Headboard

Use the space behind your bed and create a surrounding headboard out of bookcases and dressers.

That Was All 67 of My Best Bedroom Storage Hacks

That’s it! I shared them all. I hope there are at least a few hacks you can use to increase the storage in your bedroom and make it the sanctuary it should be.

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