Decluttering Ideas for Your Home

Clutter is an issue in many homes today.

Once it starts accumulating, it tends to take over. The bigger the mess gets, the harder it is to clear it out.

If you’re struggling to declutter, these tips, checklists, and tutorials will help guide you through your decluttering journey.

What Exactly is Clutter?

Defining clutter is tough because what might be clutter to one person may be a beloved collection to another.

Some people define clutter as an untidy or messy collection of items, and others say it’s anything you don’t need or use regularly. I define clutter as anything that’s causing you negative feelings. Even if it’s only 1 item, I still consider it clutter.

The Cost of Clutter

Regardless of how you define clutter in your home, it comes with a significant cost. Here are just a few of the ways your clutter is costing you.


Clutter costs you the time you spend looking for lost or misplaced items, cleaning extra stuff that’s lying around, and organizing things you don’t need.


It costs you money because you’ll often buy duplicate items you don’t realize you already have, buy storage baskets and bins to keep your clutter tidy, and pay late fees because you can’t find your bills to pay them on time.


Clutter can cost you relationships in the form of arguments with loved ones or anti-social behavior because you’re ashamed and embarrassed by the mess.

How do I start to declutter my house?

Just start! Seriously – right now.

Scan the area around you and pick up 1 thing that doesn’t belong where it currently is or is bothering you in some way. Put it up from its current locations and put it where it belongs, give it away, or throw it away.

Not only did you just figure out how to start decluttering, you also decided where to start. Now let’s talk about how to declutter the rest of your home.

How to Declutter Your Home

You can declutter your home any way you like.

Some people prefer to declutter little by little over a long period of time, and some like to tackle one room at a time. Then there are some people that can spend a very busy weekend tackling it all. You can decide what works best for you.

How to declutter your house in 1 week room by room.

Decluttering your kitchen top to bottom, step-by-step.

Declutter your living room efficiently and quickly.

How to declutter your bathroom.

Bedroom decluttering checklist for all of that clutter that doesn’t belong.

What should I get rid of when decluttering?

One of the toughest parts of decluttering is figuring out what you should be getting rid of. It’s really up to you, but here are some decluttering ideas for items you can purge.

Decluttering sentimental items even when it’s difficult.

How to conquer your paper clutter problem.

Things you should declutter after christmas.

Decluttering Tips

Now that you have the decluttering framework, here are some tips to help build a new decluttering habit.

Decluttering rules will help set the stage for your decluttering sessions.

Overcoming decluttering roadblocks that prevent you from decluttering.

10-minute decluttering tasks are easy tasks you can do any time you have 10 minutes free.

Finding your decluttering motivation will help you keep on task.

These questions help you make those ‘toss or keep’ decisions.

How to avoid common decluttering mistakes.

What to do with the clutter you’re letting go.

Now What

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, you can start organizing and displaying the things you kept.