Recommended Resources


  • Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

    • These wipes are my go-to product for easy spot cleaning and yucky messes.  They are perfect for quickly disinfecting door handles and faucets as well as wiping down toilets and cleaning the kitty litter box.  I keep a container in the kitchen, the laundry room, and each bathroom for convenience.
  • Hopes Perfect Glass Cleaner

    • I’ve tried a lot of glass cleaners, and Perfect Glass is hands down the best, streak-free glass cleaner I’ve found.  I use it on all of my home and auto windows and mirrors.
  • Mr Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    • Easily my favorite multi-purpose cleaner.  I use Mr. Clean for all of my normal and deep cleaning needs.  Just remember to follow the dilution instructions on the bottle.
  • Bar Keepers Friend

    • This is a multi-purpose cleaner for all of your smooth solid surface needs.  I use it for cleaning the tough messes on my sinks, glass top stove and stainless steel appliances.  I also use it for removing the burnt on grease from pots and pans, and those pesky scuff marks from my white dishes
  • The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    • The stuff that makes clean toilet bowl dreams come true.  This stuff is nothing less than amazing.  Not only does it make the nastiest toilet sparkling white, but it can also clean your toughest grout stains.
  • Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

    • The lint-free microfiber makes these perfect for all cleaning needs.  I buy the 48 pack which comes with 16 each blue, yellow, and green cloths.  I use the blue cloths for tough messes and multi-purpose surfaces, the yellow cloths for cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances, and the green cloths for glass surfaces.
  • O-Cedar EasyWring Mop & Bucket

    • I’ve lost count of how many mops I’ve tried over the years, but the search is over.  This mop and bucket combo are nothing less than perfect.  The triangle mop head gets into all areas and is detachable for easy washing or replacement.  My favorite feature is what I call the ‘foot pedal, spin to wring, no splash’ feature.  I can leave the mop a little wetter for messy spills on my tile floors, or I can wring it almost dry for cleaning my hardwood floors.  And did I mention the handle is extendable because it sure is.
  • OXO Good Grips Broom and Dust Pan

    • Yes I still use a broom and dustpan, and this one meets all my needs.  The lockable dustpan has a handy little comb for cleaning the bristles, and the extendable handle snaps into the dustpan for easy storage.
  • Shark Rotator Professional Vacuum

    • This is the workhorse vacuum I use for my carpets and cleaning up all the cat hair.  It works great, is easy to clean, and costs half of what a Dyson would run you.
  • Dyson V7 Cordless Stick Vacuum

    • I probably wouldn’t have purchased this vacuum myself because Dysons are expensive, but I won this one in a giveaway and let me tell you.  This little vacuum is wonderful.  I love having a cordless option for those quick clean ups when I don’t feel like wrestling with the corded vacuum.  It picks up everything, is easy to use and easy to store.


  • Living Well Planner

    • I have used many different calendars and planners over the years, but this comprehensive layout is one of my favorites.  It comes completely undated so you can start your week and year any time you want to.  Month and day stickers are provided in the back of the planner.  The monthly tabs include an inspirational quote, pages on setting and crushing goals, project planning, a monthly calendar, 5 weeks of hourly planning pages, a monthly budget worksheet, a monthly expenses page, and a couple final pages for thoughts and notes.
  • ClosetMaid Impressions

    • A beautifully designed customizable do it yourself closet organization system that comes in different finishes and is a cost effective alternative to California Closets.  It’s the closet system I chose to turn a spare bedroom into a walk in closet.
  • mDesign Organizer Bins

    • These clear plastic bins come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.  They work great for organizing your cabinets and pantry.  I use them on my wire shelving to prevent things from tipping or falling through the slots.
  • Threshold Wicker Baskets

    • These handy baskets come in many different sizes.  I use the milk crate size for throw blanket storage in my living room.  It looks great and keeps the blankets close at hand.  I also use 3 of the media size for storing/hiding all of the cords and accessories that came with our entertainment electronics.  The baskets fit perfectly in the entertainment cabinet and nobody sees the stuff inside.


  • Instant Pot

    • I love my Instant Pot.  It truly is an all in one appliance and can help you eliminate some of your kitchen clutter.  It eliminates the intimidation of the pressure cooker, replaces the slow cooker, and allows for true ‘one-pot’ meals.
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer

    • This bad boy is the second most loved appliance in my kitchen.  It acts as my sous chef by mixing, whisking, kneading, grinding, and chopping foods.  I received my KitchenAid as a wedding present in 1996 and it is still going strong.
  • Ninja Blender

    • While a blender isn’t a kitchen necessity for everybody, its certainly handy if you drink a lot of smoothies.  I started out using a Magic Bullet for our smoothies.  It works well enough, but I wanted something bigger that could make two at a time and do a better job of crushing the ice.  The Ninja delivers and ‘crushes’ the competition.

Blogging (what powers this website)

  • Namecheap

    • When starting a new blog, you will need to purchase a domain name.  When I started mine, I chose Namecheap because they had the best prices and were highly rated for their services and support.
  • Siteground

    • I knew I wanted a self hosted blog.  After researching all of my choices, I decided to go with Siteground based on their speed, uptime, customer service and Free SSL through Let’s Encrypt.
  • WordPress

    • WordPress is the free website publishing software used to build this site.  It’s customizable, user friendly, and has extensive documentation and support to get and keep you going.
  • Studio Press Genesis Framework

    • The framework is the parent theme or foundation of this site.  Genesis is secure and SEO optimized as well as HTML responsive
  • Restored 316 Anchored Child Theme

    • Restored 316 has several gorgeous feminine child themes and offers unparalleled support.
  • Mailerlite email provider

    • You will need an email provider to communicate with your subscribers.  Mailerlite is free for your first 1000 subscribers.

Miscellaneous Must Haves

  • Litter Robot III Open Air Litter Box

    • This is by far my best purchase ever and I am not exaggerating even a little bit.  This is hands off litter scooping heaven.  It has an auto empty feature that can be set for 3,f 7, or 15 minutes after your kitty uses the box.  It automatically rotates, separates and dumps the waste in a plastic lined bin on the bottom of the unit.  When the plastic bag is full, you just tie it off, put it in the trash, insert a new bag, and top of the box with new fresh litter.  I could talk for hours about the benefits of this litter box.  If you have indoor cats, this litter box is a must have.