How to Make Life Easier With a Weekly Cleaning Routine

A weekly cleaning schedule checklist will help you track your routine and check your tasks off on a regular basis.

If you can stick to a weekly cleaning routine, the cleaning tasks will get easier and easier in the long run because they’re being maintained on a regular basis.

If I happen to have extra time or get in the zone and finish quickly, I just keep moving on to the next room.

This weekly routine is flexible so tweak it how you like to fit your own home.

If your kitchen mess is overwhelming, it will make a significant difference if you set aside a full day to do a thorough declutter and deep cleaning. Once you do that, your weekly cleaning will be easy peasy!

Monday – Clean Your Kitchen

Tuesday – Clean the Living Room & Dining Room

– Clear the surface clutter      or set aside time to      declutter the entire living      room – Dust all decorations,      tables, and flat surfaces – Spot clean and polish      furniture – Spot clean television,      windows, and glass – Vacuum and/or mop floors – Disinfect light switches      and door handles

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