How and What You Need to Clean When Somebody’s Sick

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Getting sick is bad enough, but when it spreads through your entire household, it makes everybody miserable.

Disinfecting some common dirty surfaces can help prevent the spread of germs and illness.

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Here’s how and what you should clean when somebody in your home is or has been sick.

1) Wash Your Hands

The best prevention is to remove the germs, and the easiest way to do that is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.

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2) Keep Your Distance

Keep your distance from any person exhibiting symptoms of illness. Since these viruses travel through droplets, the closer you are to a sick person, the higher your exposure risk is.

3) Stop Touching Your Face

You rub your lip, pick at your teeth, and wipe your eyes, several times a day. Each one of those touches is an opportunity to transfer virus germs into your system.

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4) Limit Exposure to the Sick Person

Try to limit the exposure and spread of the germs by having the ill person use only the necessary spaces of your home.

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