7 Realistic Meal Planning Types Sure to Fit Any Lifestyle

So you’ve heard all about meal planning and how it can change your life, but you’re not really sure where to start. You’ve done some research, but there are so many types of meal planning and so much information that you’re suffering information overload.

Here are the types of meal planning that I tried and how they worked for me.

Theme Night Popular themes include Taco Night, Pasta Night, Meatless Night, Slow Cooker Night, Breakfast for Dinner, Burger Night, Seafood Night, and so on. The possibilities are endless depending on your imagination and can be mixed and matched to fit your families preferences.

Leftovers The key to using leftovers in meal planning is to be intentional. Make extra portions of your favorite meals and refrigerate or freeze for a second meal another day.

Cook Once Eat Twice It helps to skip a day before making the second meal. If I make Pot Roast on Monday, I use the leftover beef for Breakfast Hash on Wednesday. Nobody even notices it’s the leftovers.

Freezer Meals Freezer meals require a bit of time for the preparation, but the process of cooking is much easier. One of my favorite freezer meals is Baked Ziti.

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