17 Dirtiest Things Most People Forget to Clean

Forgetting to clean something, NO, not you!?  You couldn’t possibly be forgetting anything.

You have weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning schedules that you’ve created to ensure you get it all done on a regular basis.

You’ve been doing this for years, and you’re sure you haven’t missed a thing.  There isn’t a dirty spot in your home.  You would know.

Here’s a list of the dirtiest things you should be cleaning, but might be forgetting.

The exterior surfaces are the dirties.  Think about how often you set your purse down on a counter, bench, table, etc.  Imagine all the germs you are picking up, then transferring to your car seat when you set your purse down.


Phones & Personal Electronics

Can you remember the last time you cleaned yours? I’m not talking about wiping the screen off so you can see through the fingerprints, I mean really clean your phone.

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