Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff: Over 100 Items You Should Declutter Right Now

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Professional organizers are expensive, but you’ve tried decluttering on your own and you don’t even know where to start.

When you do manage to start, you get stuck on kid’s artwork and have a hard time parting with sentimental items.

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Give yourself a break and try decluttering on your with this list of things.

What Stuff Should I Get Rid Of?

You need to determine what stuff matters to you, which things you actually use, and how much excess you’re willing to hang on to.

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Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff in the Entryway

– Broken Umbrellas – Orphaned Gloves – Junk Mail – Out of Season Rugs – Worn Out Shoes – Orphaned Socks

Things to Declutter in the Living Room and Family Room

– Old Magazines – Faux Plants – Cassette Tapes – Old Books You Already Read – Extra Throw Pillows – CD’s You Don’t Listen To

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Items to Remove from the Office

– Old Software – Expired Warranties – Paper Phone Books – Empty Ink Cartridges – Old Bank Statements – Unused Equipment

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