How to Control Paper Clutter That Makes Your House Look Disorganized

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Tired of forgetting special events and bill due dates because the reminders are ‘organized’ somewhere in a random pile of paperwork?

Here’s a complete guide to reduce your paper clutter and conquer the problem once and for all.

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Decluttering paper piles is one of those times when sorting first makes sense. It’s a big task, but once you get through it, the rest will be easy peasy, so let’s get started.

1) Take ‘Before’ Pictures

Take a good ‘before’ picture prior to starting, then take progress pictures any time you stop for the day.

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2) Prepare Your Work Space

A designated workspace can make all the difference in a large project. It helps keep you from continually moving throughout your house and getting distracted.

3) Gather Your Supplies and Paper Clutter

I prefer to use cardboard boxes and find that the boxes from printer paper work really well (and I can get as many as I want from work). You can use the shallow tops and deep bottoms of the boxes.

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4) Pre-Sort Your Paper Piles

Pull out the thicker items first. Chances are they’re magazines and catalogs that you don’t really need and can be toss in the recycling.

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