You follow a weekly cleaning routine, but you still can’t seem to get rid of that moldy, musty pee smell. Here’s a bathroom deep clean process that will ensure you disinfect every surface and eliminate those nasty smells in the process.

During a deep cleaning session, you’ll clean every nook and cranny. You’ll get under and behind fixtures and inside cabinets and cupboards.

Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Weekly Cleaning

During a weekly cleaning session, you primarily concentrate on flat, visible, surfaces. You give each surface a quick wipe down and call it good.

My bathroom is fairly small and only used by two people on a regular basis. I do a 30-minute surface cleaning routine every week.

How Long it Takes to Deep Clean a Bathroom With This Process?

How often you deep clean your bathroom using the deep cleaning checklist depends on the same factors as above. You’ll need to decide what frequency works best for your family. If you notice a musty, moldy, or urine smell, it’s probably a good time for a deep clean.

How often should you deep clean your bathroom?

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