Decluttering Sentimental Items: A Guilt-Free Approach

The struggle when decluttering pictures, heirlooms, keepsakes, children’s art, and other items with sentimental value is real.

Keeping your home tidy is difficult enough. It gets even harder when you’re decluttering sentimental items.

Here are some strategies to help you declutter those sentimental items and take back your square footage.

Recruit A Friend to Help You Declutter Sentimental Items

Enlist a trusted friend or family member to help you out. They can be a shoulder to lean or cry on, a different perspective, and a reality check when you get lost in your thoughts and sentiments.

Work At Your Own Pace While Decluttering

Be mindful of suggestions to move along and keep the progress going, but if you’re really struggling to let something go, set it aside and move on to the next item. You can return to the most difficult items later.

Gather Sentimental Items One Place

Start by gathering similar items all in one place. If you’re tackling baby clothes today, place them all in one spot so you can truly understand how much you have.

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