Cleaning Your House with Cats: 9 Essential Tips

Cats really are some of the easiest pets to own. They’re pretty independent, don’t need to be walked every day, and keep themselves remarkably clean.

They provide soft snuggly companionship and don’t really ask a lot of their human parents. That being said, they have a natural ability to make your house very dirty.

From the floating cat hair and powdery dander to the litter granule trails, you can always tell where your cat’s been.

The last thing you want is for a guest to notice all of those little messes your feline friend leaves behind. Here are the top tips to keep your home clean with cats.

Recognize Common Cat Messes

Cat messes are usually pretty small but left unnoticed, they can become a huge problem. Besides being unsightly and making your house look dirty, they can put off some awful odors.

Cat puke, poo, and urine can leave a nasty smelling odor in your home if it isn’t cleaned up properly and quickly. If the odor remains, your cats will continue to soil the same spots.

Clean Up Kitty Accidents ASAP

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