Declutter Your Home Right Now: 100 Items to Get Rid

The clutter is driving you crazy and you’re considering hiring a professional organizer to clear it all out.

Before you do that, here’s a list of over 100 things you can declutter to get rid of unwanted stuff on your own.

-Broken Umbrellas -Orphaned Gloves -Junk Mail -Out of Season Rugs -Worn Out Shoes -Orphaned Socks

Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff in the Entryway

- Old Magazines - Faux Plants - Cassette Tapes - Old Books You Already     Read - Extra Throw Pillows - CD’s You Don’t Listen To - Old Throw Blankets

Things to Declutter in the Living Room and Family Room

- Old Software - Expired Warranties - Paper Phone Books - Empty Ink Cartridges - Old Bank Statements - Unused Equipment

Items to Remove from the Office

– Cookbooks You Don’t Use – Fridge Magnets – Plastic Bags From the      Grocery Store – Old Water Bottles – Moldy Cheese – Old Leftovers

Excess Stuff to Declutter From the Kitchen

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